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Below are the two types of products we currently manufacture:
Single (1) Layer & Double (2) Layer - ornaments and magnets


 Above are examples of both natural (hardwood birch - sand color)
and painted single layer products.  These are just one engraved
sheet of hardwood birch from Wisconsin.

We can produce custom colors, design shapes and almost any
coastal beach sayings, quotes or images.  If you don't see
exactly what your store and customers want, let us know
and we will provide designs for your review (free!).


Above is an example of a double layer product (2-Layer).  On the left
are the two pieces of birch (painted & and engraved) before cleaning
and joining them permanently.  On the right is a finished production
piece with a specialized saying and Melbourne Beach 'name drop'.

A great amount of detail is very attractive to customers who have not
seen quality handmade products of this design.  They sell very well
especially when the city or beach name is added (personalization).



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